Successful transformation requires a strong value chain. It takes talented leadership to make it happen.

Recruitment solutions


Finding leaders with multinational company experience and local market knowledge can be the difference of success as organisations enter and expand in new markets.

In the competitive world of hiring and retaining good talent, there is often overwhelming pressure on organisations to find exceptional leaders who will be an instant success, fit the company culture and agree with corporate strategies.

Our executive search services can identify and attract unique leaders, determine the ideal organisational fit, and build appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention. Moreover, our innovative approach allows you to get to know some of the most influential industry leaders in the value chain.

Our methodologies are tailored to match the professional and behavioural competencies of the candidates with your requirements and company culture. Executive Search is primarily used for senior-level recruitment or searches with difficult requirements or in remote locations. This is a research-heavy process which involves comprehensive candidate grading and salary benchmarking. It enables our client’s to be confident in the process; not only when they choosing the right candidate, but also offering them a competitive package based on the role’s unique level and requirements.


We are uniquely positioned to help identify and recruit professionals for middle- to upper-level management. We assess the cultural fit of your organisation and search for professionals with the collection of competencies to match. Our advanced technological approach to research combined with personable qualities enable us to connect with the right people and deliver quality, on time, every time.

Primarily for middle-management positions, this success-only solution is delivered on an exclusive basis using unrivalled access to active and passive candidate pools using traditional and modern technologies to identify the right people for our clients. We tap into our vast network of local talent as well as native-speaking candidates who are perhaps working overseas but looking to relocate back to their native country.


Connexus Interim Recruitment (CIR) offers a simple solution to employment hurdles; we take the burden away from hiring permanent employees. CIR will match your hiring needs to the demands of seasonal manufacturing and sales fluctuations. We take responsibility for the branding, legal and financial risks of employing full-time staff. 

CIR has a dedicated representative in every country we operate; each of whom will be on hand to provide you with expert knowledge from commodity traders right through to planning and logistics professionals. We cover the national tax and social security and can contract staff in over 60 countries around the world. We have a dedicated compliance team to ensure that we remain fully compliant right from the start until the very end of the contract, and if something were to go wrong, we indemnify against compliance risk, too.


Our unique position and relationships throughout the industry mean we can advise our clients on competitor movements so you can keep ahead of the curve. Areas covered include structure, benefits analysis and remuneration benchmarking.


It takes talented leadership to build, transform and manage successful value chains.


shareholder returns for organisations with higher-performing cultures. 94% of execs believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.


of employees trust strangers more than
their own boss


Businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover.


Inclusive companies enjoy 2.3x higher cash flow with a diverse team outperforming a top performing, homogenous group by up to 6 times.


of workers will be millennials in 2025. 64% would be happier making $40K in a job they enjoy, rather than 100K in an uninteresting job. 


above the average productivity for highly engaged employees .


will experience a mental illness at work.


of retirees regret not following their dreams or taking more career risks.

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